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African Countries in the New Trade Negotiations: Interests, Options and Challenges, edited by Dominique Njinque and Philip English. Africa World Press,2008, New Jersey, USA and Asmara, Eritrea. F&N Books reviewer.

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As global trade negotiations under the aegis of the World Trade Organisations remain unresolved, countries are trying to see how best they could continue to be part of world trade. Africa has always been at a disadvantage at the WTO because most of the countries on the continent do not…

Books play a big role in education

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We are in the second year of the Second Decade of Education for Africa (2006-2015) spearheaded by the African Union. It was launched in Maputo in September 2006 with the hope that this time round the goals will be achieved. According to an AU report, an evaluation of the first…

Annan calls for greater multilateralism to meet global challenges

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The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, has appealed for urgent reform of the global multilateral institutions to provide ‘fair and lasting solutions’ because the world’s most pressing challenges could only be overcome through multilateral solutions. Addressing a ceremony in Oslo to mark the 50th anniversary of the…